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My Chaco

This is one of the larger Species of the tarantulas. It can reach about 8.5 inches. This is the Chaco Golden Knee or Grammostola Pulchripes. I still like its former name as the Grammostola Aureostriata. Mine is a Terrestrial type, he always hangs on the side of the container. He likes to be seen most of the time. He is currently about 4.5 inches in length. And what i like about the G.Pulchripes is that it has a very striking, hard to miss metallic gold color on its knee area.

Most of its diet is the Blatta Lateralis and a few field crickets.

For its care its very simple, I just make sure that the substrate is well moistened to neutralize the temperature here in our country. It’s the tropics, quite hot here. If my wife would only allow it, I’ll put all of them inside the house. I always check the abundance of  food and remove the remains of the feeders to avoid any mites to grow. Mites and excess feeders can be stressful to Tarantulas and can cause death…





2. NHANDU COLORATOVILLOSUS 5 in Male SOLD . Thank you for buying Sir Dan Felix

1. GREEN IGUANA 8 in 6000php


1. Hulsey Yellow Leg       20,000 php


1. DODGE DURANGO mileage 14k ALL-POWER automatic SILVER 4×2      550,000 php


50% downpayment

MINIMUM OF 2K for every purchase



Psalmopoeus package 1,800php

x1 Psalmopoeus irminia 3cm    800

 x1 Psalmopoeus reduncus 3cm   900

x1 Psalmopoeus cambrigei 3cm     600

Birdeater package 1300php

x1 Nhandu chromatus 2cm                              500

x1 Acanthoscurria geniculata 1.5cm           600

x1 Lasiodora parahybana 2cm                600

Grammostola package 2,000php

x1 Grammostola pulchra 3cm         1200

x1 Grammostola pulchripes 2.5cm     600

x1 Grammostola rosea NCF 2.5cm       600

Lasiodora package 2000php

Lasiodora parahybana  2cm  600

x1 Lasiodora striatipes 2cm      1000

x1 Lasiodora klugi 2cm         900         

Haplopelma package 3 sets left    2,500php

x1 H.minax 1inch          1100

x1 H.lividum 1inch           1000

x1 H.albostriata 2.25cm      800



0.0.3 Acanthoscurria sp.Iquitos peru 1cm newly discovered sp.1,400php RARE
0.0.x Acanthoscurria geniculata (Giant whiteknee )1.5cm 600php
0.0.x Brachypelma vagans (mexican red rump )2cm 600php
0.0.x Brachypelma smithi (mexican redknee) 2.5cm 600php
0.0.2 Brachypelma boehmei (mexican fireleg) 2.5cm 700php
0.0.x Brachypelma auratum (mexican flame knee)3cm 1000php
0.0.x Brachypelma albopilosum (honduran curly hair) 1.5cm 450php
0.0.x Cyclostesternum fasciatum (costa rican tiger rump)1.5cm 600php
0.0.x Eupalaestrus campestratus ( Pink zebra beauty)2.5cm1100php
0.0.x Ephebopus uatuman (Emerald skeleton) 3cm, 1700php
0.0.x Ephebopus cyanognathus (Blue fang)2.5cm 1400php
0.0.x Grammostola pulchra (Brazilian black) 3.5cm 1,200php
Lasiodora parahybana (Brazilian salmon pink birdeater) 2cm 600php 
0.0.x Lasiodora klugi (Bahia scarlet birdeater)2cm 1000phpNEW
0.0.x Lasiodra striatipes ( Bahia grey birdeater)2cm 900phpNEW
0.0.x Nhandu chromatus ( Brazilian red & white) 2cm500php
0.0.x Grammostola rosea (Chilean red rose)2.5cm 600php
0.0.x Grammostola pulchripes (Chaco golden knee) 2.5cm, 600php
0.0.3 Trixopelma pruriens (peruvian green velvet) 2.5cm 1100php
0.0.3 Trixopelma sp.cajamarca peru 2cm new species 1500phpNEW
0.0.x Trixopelma ockerti (Peruvian pink rump) 2cm 1300php


0.0.x Psalmopoeus cambrigei (trinidad chevron) 3cm 600php                                                                                                                                               0.0.x Avicularia versicolor (Antilles pink toe)2.5cm 1000php –
0.0.x Avicularia diversipes (Amazon sapphire pink toe)2.5cm 1,300php new stocks –
0.0.x Avicularia huriana *original form (Equador pink toe) 4.5cm, 1300php –
0.0.x Avicularia velutina (Trinidad blue pink toe) 3cm, 1300php –
0.0.x Tapinauchenius Cupreus (Violet tree spider) 3cm, 1000php –                                                                                                                                        0.0.x Psalmopoeus irminia (Venezuelan suntiger)2.5cm 800php                                                                                                                                              0.0.x Psalmopoeus cambrigei (trinidad chevron) 3cm 600php                                                                                                                                                      0.0.x Psalmopoeus reduncus (orange mouth) 3cm 900php


0.0.x Chilobrachys fimbriatus (indian violet) 2cm 900hp –
0.0.x Chilobrachys burmensis (Burmese Giant Brown) 2-2.5cm 700php –
0.0.x Haplopelma lividum ( Cobalt blue 
tarantula) 1inch 1000php –
0.0.x Haplopelma minax ( Thai black) 2cm 1100php –
0.0.x Haplopelma albostriata ( Thai zebra )800php –
0.0.x Ornithoctonus sp malaysia 1inch 1,700php –
0.0.x Ornithoctonus aureotibialis ( thailand golden fringe)1inch 1,300php –
1.1.0 Chilobrachys fimbriatus (indian violet) 3inches 2,600php SOLD as pair  –
1.1.0 Chilobrachys huahini (Chinese giant fawn eater) 3inches1,900 SOLD as pair –
0.0.3 Hysterocrates hercules (Hercules baboon) 2in 1,600k
0.0.x Monocentropus balfouri ( Blue baboon) 2.5cm 4,600phpNEW
0.0.x Ceratogyrus marshalli (straight horned baboon)2.5cm 800php
0.0.x Ceratogyrus darlingi ( rear horned baboon) 2cm 600php


0.0.x Poecilitheria metallica (gooty sapphire ornamental) 3cm 5.500php                                                                                                                        0.0.x Poecilitheria subfusca ( ivory ornamental)3cm 1600php                                                                                                                                                   0.0.x Poecilitheria regalis ( Indian ornamental) 3cm 700php
0.0.x Poecilitheria fasciata ( Sri lankan ornamental) 3cm 800php
0.0.4 Poeciliteria tigrinawesseli (Anantagiri’s parachute spider) 3.25cm, 1800 php                                                                                                    0.0.x Stromatopelma calceatum (Featherleg baboon )3cm, 900php
                                                                                                                                         0.0.x Heteroscoda maculata (togo starburst baboon) 2cm 800php
1.1.0 Lampropelma violaceops (Singapore blue) 3.25inches, 3,600phpSOLD AS Pair


0.0.x Androctonus bicolor (Black fat tail) 5th instar, 1,300php highly venomous
0.0.x Buthus occitanus( yellow scorpion)2nd instar 1100php
0.0.x Leiurus quinquestriatus(Deathstalker)2i  600php highly venomous LEVEL 5 not for newbies                                                           0.0.x Oliverius caucasicus 2i 1100php                                                                                                                                                                                                                    0.0.x H.Spinifer 3i 500 4i 600php


10 inches OLTEN made in Germany FORCEPS FOR ONLY 350php hurry while supply lasts.


Sting like a Bee!

Heterometrus Spinifer

My 7 instar (7i) female spinifer mated for 5 times for about 5 months ago, by next month it is expected to give birth to about 10 to 15 of baby scorps… But in most species it would range up to 9 months.

I was really amazed on how they would mate, you can see the aggressiveness of both sexes, you can hear the snapping of the pedipalps as they hold each other.

My scorpion is a level 1 scorpion so it is not lethal to humans but the pain that may be inflicte is just slightly greater than a bee sting. The color is blue green so its very nice. The way to handle it is by placing your hand on the surface of the substrate and by gently pushing it backwards as it slowly climbs to your hand. Scorpions in general have a fearsome venomous reputation but only a few species in the world that are deadly.

The scorpion has huge pedipalps or pincers but if you take a closer look at the chelicerae(mouth) there is another pair of pedipalps…It’s really amazing how she eats. It never uses its sting in hunting for the prey and due to its extensive size it only poses like a statue just waiting for the food to pass, clamps its pincers, cuts it into pieces, then the smaller pair of pincers are also aiding in the break down of food as it inserts it to the mouth for the initial digestion.


Spooky pets can be of any form, may it be spiders, lizards, snakes, as long as they can give excitement and enjoyment to the people who cared for them and not the wild animals or livestock, laboratory and working animals or sport animals, which are kept for economic or productive reasons. The most popular pets are noted for their loyal or playful characteristics, for their attractive appearance, or for their song.

Pets also generally seem to provide their owners with non-trivial health benefits. Keeping pets have shown to help relieve stress to those who like having animals around. There is now a medically-approved class of “therapy animals,” mostly dogs, that are brought to visit confined humans. Walking a dog can provide both the owner and the dog with exercise, fresh air, and social interaction.

In most cases people like dogs, I like them too; but since my mom and my wife are both asthmatic, I settled for non-furry pets. And now I like tarantulas and scorpions and snakes.

Pets have the ability to stimulate their caregivers, in particular the elderly, giving people someone to take care of, someone to exercise with, and someone to help them heal from a physically or psychologically troubled past.   Having a pet may help people achieve health goals, such as lowered blood pressure, or mental goals, such as decreased stress. 

There is evidence that having a pet can help a person live a longer and healthier life. According to wikipedia, in a study of 92 people hospitalized for coronary ailments, within a year 11 of the 29 without pets had died, compared to only 3 of the 52 who had pets. A recent study concluded that owning a pet can reduce the risk of a heart attack by 2% and that pets are better than medication in reducing blood pressure. Owning a pet can also prolong survival of a heart attack. Dogs which are trained to be guide dogs can help people with disabilities.

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